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Ivanhoe Characters



The characters of Ivahoe grow thoughout the story. At the end, the reader finally figures out what most of the characters are about and their, well, characters.

*Albert Malvoisin - he is the leader of the Templar "headquarters" at Templestowe. He is disgusted with the fact that Brian de Bois-Guilbert has fallen for a Jewish maiden. He convinces de Bois-Guilbert to fight against Rebecca's champion to prove that he would rather be a Templar than a discraced Templar. Malvoisin is more concerned about saving his own skin while the Grand Master is there than making sure that things are done right.
*Brian de Bois-Guilbert - he is the Knight of the Templar Order (a Knights Templar). He is fierce and a strong fighter, but weak morally, as he falls for a Jewish girl. He falls for Rebecca and is willing to give up being a Templar for her, even though he is a Christian and she is a Jew. He starts out as looking barbaric after capturing Rebecca and in the end he shows compassion while trying to save her life (which is his fault after all).
*Rebecca - she is a Jewish and daughter of Issac of York. She is not like the typical woman in her day. She is strong-willed and has alot of self control. She voices her own opinion and stands up to de Bois-Guilbert and his advances. She is the most sympathetic character in the book and plays the part of the tragic heroine who is willing to die for her religion and beliefs. She is also a great healer, trianed by the best before her. However, this leads to her trial and her ability to heal by "witchcraft". 
*Grand Master Lucas Beaumanior - he is the Grand Master of the Templars. He is very moralistic and is at Templestowe to make sure all the Templars who have "fell off the wagon" will get back on and they're keeping their vows. He believes that by sacrificing Rebecca he can "save" the wayward Templars.
*Issac the Jew - he is the father of Rebecca. He is portrayed as stereotypical Jewish man, rich and stingy. He is bumbling and kind-hearted and is willing to do anything to get his daughter back.
*Black Knight - also known as Richard Couer-de-Lion, Sir Knight of Fetterlock, and Richard Plantagent. He is the King of England and has been away on the Crusades. He loves adventure and battle and he's very courageous. He cares about his subjects, but its seems that he likes adventure more than helping his people. He revealed himself in the forest, but cannot reveal himself to the public until his supporters build up a stonger defence.
*Wilfred of Ivanhoe - he is also known as the Disinherited Knight and he is Cedric's son. He is fiercely loyal to King Richard as well as being in love with Rowena. He represents chivalry, heroism and honor. He is loyal, devoted, and fierce. His wounds were healed by Rebecca. He also ends up being her champion and fights for her honor. He doesn't actually hit anyone, but he still wins. He ends up marrying Rowena and serves under King Richard until his defeat.
*Wamba - he is Cedric's jester and is very loyal to Cedric. He is witty and smarter than he looks. While showing King Richard the way to Athelstane's castle, they are attacked. Wamba blows the horn Locksley gave him and saves the king.
*Locksley - he is really Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest. He saves King Richard from an attack. He is witty, gallant, heroic, and he likes adventure and excitement. However, he is also smart and a good leader with many loyal followers.
*Cedric the Saxon - he is Ivanhoe's father and Rowena's guardian. He is fiercely proud of his Saxon heritage and believes that, one day, a Saxon will rule again. He wants Rowena to marry Athelstane to "save" the royal Saxon blood line.
*Athelstane - he is a high born Saxon and Cedric wants him to marry Rowena to "save" the bloodline. Although all think he is dead, he was in fact only knocked out by the hit de Bois-Guilbert. However, the priests kept him locked away so they could collect the land and money that was willed to them at his death. In the end, he told Cedric that Rowena would never marry him and to let Ivanhoe marry her.
*Lady Rowena - she is the ward of Cedric and in love with Ivanhoe. She represents everything a lady of that day should be: fair, chaste, loyal, and mild-mannered. She refuses to marry Athelstane although Cedric has it all set up. She marries Ivanhoe in the end and is given jewels by Rebecca as thanks for Ivanhoe saving her life.

Some Pictures for your Enjoyment

From the movie Ivanhoe

Pictures from another rendition of Ivanhoe
Rebecca, Rowena, and Ivanhoe

From a movie of Ivanhoe
Ivanhoe and Rowena

From a movie of Ivanhoe
Brian de Bois-Guilbert and Rebecca

From the story of Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott with help from

By Alyssa (P) with help from Alyssa (A), Danielle, and Ces